Record of Training Cards

Record of Training Cards
During 2016 a comprehensive review of the NZPCA certificate Syllabus was undertaken by the National Coaches Advisory Panel (NCAP) and the Education and Development Management Committee (E&D).
Certificate Record cards have been renamed to better reflect their purpose as a Record of Training.
Updates were made to D, D+, C, C+, B, A and H levels.

Of particular note are some update to the B syllabus which has seen the removal of the section on the double bridle at this level and inclusion of a maximum jumping height (75cm) for the changed horse phase.

At A certificate level, two new A level certificates will be introduced in the 2017/18 season. Riders will be able to select a Dressage or a Show Jumping focused A certificate, as well as the more traditional A certificate currently available. It is hoped that the new options at A level will allow more riders to reach to higher levels in their chosen discipline. A certificate honours will only be available for candidates sitting the traditional A certificate and riders wishing to achieve their full ‘A’ will still need to complete this version of A certificate. 

Many riders will be part way through completing their cards. For riders who have only a few sections signed off on their cards we recommend transferring this information to a new record of training. For those who are nearing completion of their cards we suggest attaching a new record of training to their existing card and ensuring that any additional sections found in the newer cards are highlighted to be completed.